Real Estate Cleaning & Staging

Residential & Commercial

Vacuum, clean windows, trash removal, bathrooms, bedrooms, shared living areas.

Real Estate Staging & Organizing

We offer one time cleaning and staging services for real estate projects or estate sales. This may be prepping a home prior to the staging process for a home sale or cleaning a house and prepping for an estate sale. We ensure all properties are sale worthy and ready to move into the market. We will use all eco friendly products to prep and clean each property. All estimates are based on the size of the home, the scope of the project for estate sales and the time spent at the property. We will take away the stress of a home sale.
Spotless: [spot-liss] adjective; absolutely clean or pure; immaculate.
“a spotless white apron”

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We pride ourselves on being the areas go to solution for all your real estate cleaning, staging & organizational needs. We provide timely & professional services to all of our clients.