Home Staging & Styling

Professional Staging Services

Prepping home for open house or estate sale, determine what stays, goes or donated, define each room or space, home organization projects.

Residential Staging & Styling

We offer free no obligation consultation to determine the needs of your space and discuss the expected outcome. It is very important we project your home in the best version possible for a home sale. We will take away the stress of preparing for an estate sale and work with you to determine what stays, goes and what can be donated. At times de-cluttering and defining a space can be difficult, we will review each space with you,  create a vision for each room or area and then put our plan in place. You will then receive a contract showing the estimated time and fees for the project. This will include any products or items we will need to complete the space. We strive to bring out the very best in your home. 

Organized: [awr-guh-nahyzd] adjective; arranged in a systematic way, especially on a large scale.
“she ran an organized campaign”

Need A Consultation?

We pride ourselves on being the areas go to solution for all your home staging & styling needs. We provide timely & professional services to all of our clients.